Don’t Let the Numbers Fool You: A User’s Guide to Nutrition Labels

woman comparing food labels in store

Ever stood in the grocery aisle, staring at the nutrition label of a can of soup or box of cereal and tried to figure out if it was “healthy” or not? It can feel like you need an advanced degree in mathematics or chemistry to decipher all the numbers … [Read more...]

Easy After-School Snacks

by Ingrid Ougland *** Every morning I send my son off to school with a lunch box filled with nutritious and tasty foods. Between the time he gets on the bus in the morning and the time he gets home, I have no idea what happens to this carefully … [Read more...]

A Farmers Market With a Lasting Impact

by Ingrid Ougland Sellie, Community Benefit Manager, Virginia Mason ** According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nationwide nearly 26 million people have diabetes and 79 million people are pre-diabetic. Obesity is a national epidemic, … [Read more...]

Ask a GI Dietitian: Staying Healthy This Summer

by Samantha Woodward, Digestive Disease Institute ** Debra Clancy, RD, CD, is a registered dietitian who works with patients within Virginia Mason’s Digestive Disease Institute providing nutrition information and tools for making positive changes … [Read more...]

Guiding Good Food Choices in Our Cafeteria

Guiding Stars, the nation's leading independent nutrition guidance program, is partnering with VM to help hospital staff and guests make more nutritious choices when dining in the medical center's cafeteria. Virginia Mason is the first foodservice … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Supplements Can Benefit Puget Sound Children

Vitamin D Supplements Can Benefit Puget Sound Children

The Pacific Northwest is famous for many things. Sunshine, however, is not one of them. My family recently relocated to the area, and I knew the local weather would affect our daily activities. I also knew the weather could affect our health. Along … [Read more...]

Coconut Water: Miracle (or Myth) in a Box?

Dreading a blazing day’s forecast last year, I knew to start chugging the liquids early before heading out to an all-day tennis competition. In my home that morning, I had two options: trusty water from my fridge (free) or the much hyped hydration … [Read more...]