Staying Ahead of Heart Failure: Janet’s Story

To see Janet Henry now, as a successful Human Resources executive for an international chain of stores, and gracious hostess who loves to entertain, it’s hard to realize all she has been through. In the space of one year, she experienced serious … [Read more...]

Watchman Device Potential Alternative to Blood Thinners

People with atrial fibrillation – an abnormal, irregular heart rate – are at increased risk of stroke due to blood clots. The abnormal rhythm may cause blood to pool and form clots, mainly in a small chamber of the heart known as the left atrial … [Read more...]

Cryoablation: New Hope for a Heart Out of Sync

Imagine you are speaking to a large audience when your heart suddenly starts fluttering and racing. You have to finish your talk without letting anyone know about the symptoms you are experiencing. Sounds like a nightmare, but this was Jon … [Read more...]

New Heart Valve Possible for More Patients with TAVR

**By Moses Mathur, MD, MSc, FACC** Less than a decade ago, replacing the aortic valve required open-heart surgery and involved a long recovery. Then in 2002, the first transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) was performed in France – a … [Read more...]

A New Life After Open Heart Surgery: Daniel’s Story

Daniel Lo, 77, was diagnosed in 2010 with multiple myeloma, a relatively rare cancer affecting plasma cells in the bone marrow. The condition was discovered when Daniel was scheduled for open heart surgery to repair blockages found during a routine … [Read more...]

Heartburn or Heart Attack? Pay Attention to Symptoms

**By Gordon L. Kritzer, MD, FACC** Since large meals are often part of celebrating, it's easy to overdo it on special occasions. If you've just eaten a big meal and you feel a burning sensation in your chest, you might think it is heartburn, and it … [Read more...]

Advanced Procedure Makes Heart Valve Replacement Possible for More Patients

When Bob Partridge’s cardiologist told him it was time to treat his faulty heart valve, Bob was very aware of the problem. He couldn’t walk the 14 steps from his basement to the kitchen without stopping to catch his breath or even make it across his … [Read more...]

New Procedure Helps Some Patients Avoid Coronary Bypass Surgery

Virginia Mason's cardiovascular intervention team treats hundreds of blocked coronary arteries every year, all by way of small incisions and specially equipped catheters in a procedure known as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Recently, … [Read more...]

Give Your Heart Healthy Goals Inspiration This Valentine’s Day

by Diane Osborn, ARNP *** Statistics regarding heart disease as the No. 1 killer of both men and women in the United States abound. Few people doubt the benefits of regular exercise, healthy eating, weight control and smoking cessation, all of … [Read more...]

Get Heart Healthy with a Mediterranean-Inspired Pacific Northwest Diet

by Tina Marsh Begg, MS, RD, CD *** The health benefits associated with the traditional Mediterranean diet are no secret:  lower risk of heart attack, lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. But have you ever wondered how to adopt a more … [Read more...]