Triumph Over Diverticulitis: Nancy’s Story

There’s not much that slows Nancy Fauls down. She was one of the first female skippers to race schooners in the Pacific Northwest and knows how to stay calm and keep everything moving forward. Then in January 2019, the Port Townsend resident … [Read more...]

Colonoscopy: The ‘Minor Inconvenience’ That Saves Lives

**By Vlad V. Simianu, MD, MPH** Learning she had colorectal cancer last year surprised Helen Nind. The 55-year-old mother of two had no family history of the disease, no symptoms and generally felt healthy. But the suspicious polyp that was found … [Read more...]

POEM Procedure is Life Changing for People with Achalasia

Sometimes you experience a health dilemma early in your life, and when you can’t find a solution, you learn to adapt. That was the case for Virgil Leedy, who lives in Weiser, a northern Idaho town with 5,500-plus residents. Just over 30 years ago, … [Read more...]

What Your Gut Should Tell You: Esophageal Health Requires an Experienced Team

Reflux and other esophageal issues require prompt diagnosis and treatment to prevent more serious health concerns, including chronic indigestion or rarely, cancer. The Esophageal Center of Excellence at Virginia Mason brings a multidisciplinary … [Read more...]

Good Medicine and Perseverance: A Winning Strategy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Playing competitive soccer for most of her 26 years, Dani Foxhoven knows something about pain. Bumps and bruises are routine; rolled ankles are hardly unique. In high school, Dani made a slide tackle to block a shot, the ball fracturing her femur … [Read more...]

Blaire Burman, MD, Brings Intervention and Hope to East Africa

  Blaire Burman, MD, always had a feeling she’d become a doctor, but it was living in South Africa that sealed the deal. In 2001, funerals from AIDS deaths were weekly occurrences, compelling Dr. Burman to volunteer with children made … [Read more...]

Medication: The Race from Beaker to Bedside

By Arielle Kloss *** Ever wonder about the journey those pills you swallowed this morning took before getting to you? How the contents of the capsule went from mixing in a beaker to becoming a once-a-day regimen for your headaches and stomach … [Read more...]

Love Your Liver: Two Ways to Prevent Liver Damage

By James Bredfeldt, MD ** Drugs can be our friends, but also they can be your liver’s enemy. You may be ingesting some medications that might harm your liver and be unaware of that potential. So, let’s discuss two of these … [Read more...]

Do You Take Probiotics When You Travel?

Foreign travel and gastric distress is not a nice combination. I know this from personal experience – my first trip abroad (Italy) was marred by the worst case of “sour stomach” I’ve ever suffered. I blame some grapes I munched on, but it could have … [Read more...]

What Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

 By Michael Chiorean, MD ** Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are the most common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). While the cause of IBD is unknown, there are a number of hypotheses trying to explain an association between changes … [Read more...]