The Finer Points of Healing: Understanding Acupuncture

Patients walking through Virginia Mason's Health Resources Building in Seattle might be surprised to see signs for the Center for Integrative Medicine. Integrative medicine on a hospital campus? Absolutely! It is actually a perfect fit. Integrative … [Read more...]

Aesthetician Reveals Top Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Between clocks changing and holiday planning (and myriad other things), there’s a lot to think about in November. Keeping your skin healthy likely isn’t top of mind. The days are more dark than light, so there’s less sun damage to worry about, right? … [Read more...]

How Instagram – and Eating Vegan – Is Helping Create a Type 1 Diabetes Patient Community

In today’s socially connected world, people living with medical conditions don’t have far to look to find others sharing their experiences. These growing patient communities have given rise to thousands of websites, blogs, discussion and online … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Numbers Fool You: A User’s Guide to Nutrition Labels

woman comparing food labels in store

Ever stood in the grocery aisle, staring at the nutrition label of a can of soup or box of cereal and tried to figure out if it was “healthy” or not? It can feel like you need an advanced degree in mathematics or chemistry to decipher all the numbers … [Read more...]

Eight Tips to Banish Holiday Blues

Call me the Grinch, but I need to talk to you about holidays and depression. Thanksgiving and the subsequent holidays usually call up images – either in the media or our own memories – of smiling faces, laughter and festive meals with loved ones. We … [Read more...]

Heads Up! Concussions on the Rise in Soccer

“Yeouch!!” That was the collective sound Team USA and soccer fans around the world said last Monday when star player Clint Dempsey took a nasty kick to the face from opposing Ghana player John Boye during the team’s first match in the 2014 World Cup. … [Read more...]

Super Bowls and Heart Attacks – NOT a Winning Combination

Less than a minute left of regulation play and I’m sweating. San Francisco keeps moving toward the end zone. My heart is racing. Colin Kaepernick’s pass is caught! The ball is now on the 18-yard line. I can’t breathe! This could be the end! The snap. … [Read more...]

Making Time for Exercise

I notice it first in the mornings: It’s darker when I head to work. Evenings are getting cooler, faster. Yes, autumn is upon us. For most people, autumn means crazy days of back to school, new school and work schedules, and the end of the summer … [Read more...]

Why I Ran in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

I am a chocoholic. I have a little bit of chocolate every day. That’s why I run. Or rather that’s why I started to run. It began in my 20s primarily as a weight management practice. I considered running a necessary task to counterbalance my love of … [Read more...]