Staying a Lifelong Runner: Tony’s Story

"Always running." That's what Tony Williams, 50, is always doing and it's also the name of his company, Always Running, where he helps people safely reach their fitness goals. "We stress taking care of your body first," says Tony, and he often … [Read more...]

Celebrating National Nurses Week: A Nurse Volunteer Helps Military Families Feel at Home

Sherry Taylor is a busy registered nurse, but she makes time every week to help support a unique program that is close to her heart. Sherry volunteers at the United Service Organization (USO) center at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. There, … [Read more...]

Greener Hospitals for a Greener Planet: The EnviroMason Way

As we celebrate another Earth Day, Virginia Mason remains committed to providing the highest quality health care while preserving our natural environment now and for generations to come.   … [Read more...]

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections: Can You Go Natural?

**By Una Lee, MD** If you have ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you know how debilitating and miserable it is. You also know that the usual treatment is a course of antibiotics. Some frequent sufferers may have tried antibiotics as a … [Read more...]

Stay Safe When Exercising During Dusk and Dawn

Autumn’s daylight hours are slipping away a little each day, even though the switch back to standard time is still a few weeks away. So if you find yourself outside walking or exercising during dawn or dusk when it’s darker, follow these tips … [Read more...]

Think Pink This October

October means pumpkins and Halloween costumes – and everything in the stores is a festive orange and black. But for those of us who know someone who has or has been through breast cancer, the only color that matters this month is pink for breast … [Read more...]

Food Allergies Motivate Boys to Contribute to Research

Most kids take a backpack to school for their books and lunches. But since they were 4 and 7 years old, Aaron and Justin carry their backpacks everywhere. They are filled with lifesaving medications including epinephrine auto injectors and Benadryl. … [Read more...]

Project Access Northwest Partnership Removes Barriers for Uninsured

Jean McKinnon has been active all her life. She played tennis and walked everywhere. However, severe hip pain over the last five years began to impact her work as a waitress. Because she didn’t have health insurance, she kept working and ignored the … [Read more...]

Playing Golf: When Should You Get Your Child Started?

*** by Brad Perdue When should you get your child playing golf? If you just watched the video, the answer is as early as possible. Is there anything cuter than a child swinging a golf club? My son got his first plastic set of clubs when he was … [Read more...]

#VirginiaListens: Trees, Inspiration and Community Art on Bainbridge Island

To believe in my dreams and in myself ... to wear my retainer... to listen to my mother... to see myself as others see me ... to have the world have no violence ... to be the best I can be ... to be as patient as my husband.... These are just a few … [Read more...]