Separation and Loss Services: Helping Victims of Violent Death

Separation and Loss Services at Virginia Mason has made a big impact in the Seattle area and throughout the world. For more than 30 years, it's been a trusted resource for people who have become emotionally disabled by complicated grief. Violent … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Dark Days Cancel Winter Fun

Winter is upon us. It’s dark when we go to work and dark when most of us get home. Some of us get the winter blues and find it takes extra effort to stay positive. For others, the impact is more devastating. These people have what is known as … [Read more...]

Be a Quitter, Join the Great American Smokeout

Do you ever wish you could get that tobacco monkey off your back? Enjoy fresh air again and stop spending money on cartons of cigarettes by joining thousands of other Americans who are making a plan to quit smoking as part of the Great … [Read more...]

Aging: It Doesn’t Have To Be a Balancing Act

You know the feeling of unease; you’ve called Aunt Gracie for the third time and she still hasn’t answered the phone or returned the call. You wonder, “Is she OK? Has she fallen?” Families with older relatives and friends who live alone are right … [Read more...]

Your Skin: Pale Is Better Than Extra Crispy

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re sun starved. When the sun pokes out of the clouds, we love to stay outside walking, gardening, or just sitting and enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends. But we’re not always as diligent about applying … [Read more...]