A Little Help Goes a Long Way: How Virginia Mason Volunteers Make a Big Impact

Each year, National Volunteer Week shines a light on the people who are inspired to serve, recognizing the impact of volunteers on individual lives and the well-being of our communities.

At Virginia Mason, we have 560 volunteers who donate 330,000 hours each year. Among the ways our volunteers serve include clerical support, committee and board membership, daily patient support, Emergency Department support, patient education assistance, animal-assisted therapy and volunteer patient/family companions. At Bailey-Boushay House, volunteers include yoga and meditation class instructors, animal-assisted therapy aids, hair dressers, client companions, overnight shelter assistants and other staff support roles.

Often it’s the little things volunteers do that make a profound difference for our patients. Watch the video to see how they help create the Virginia Mason experience.


  1. Julie Katz says:

    Thank you, Joan, dedicated volunteer who continues to make a huge difference for the Digestive Disease and Neuroscience Institutes!

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