Innovative Radiation Therapy Attacks Early-Stage Breast Cancer in One Treatment

Virginia Mason was the first medical center in Washington state to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) to treat women with early-stage breast cancer. Since 2012, 350 patients have participated in the IORT clinical trial, receiving a one-time dose of internal radiation therapy directly to the tumor site during surgery.

Potential candidates for breast IORT are women aged 45 or older, with a new diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer who are planning to undergo lumpectomy. Watch the video to learn more and hear from IORT patients.

For more information or to discuss if you may be a candidate for IORT, please contact a Breast Cancer Nurse Coordinator at (206) 223-8862.


  1. Margoan Hunter says:

    I am a recipient of this treatment with great success. After 6 weeks of recovery I was able to return to my routine without the need of additional treatments. Thank you Virginia Mason for being progressive in the treatment of breast cancer.

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