Separation and Loss Services: Helping Victims of Violent Death

Separation and Loss Services at Virginia Mason has made a big impact in the Seattle area and throughout the world. For more than 30 years, it’s been a trusted resource for people who have become emotionally disabled by complicated grief.

Violent death, whether the result of suicide, murder or accident, is traumatic for survivors and their communities. Those who are grieving may struggle to find peace until the death is explained and justice and order are reestablished, to the extent possible.

The Separation and Loss Services team (from left), Laura Jeffs, Fanny Correa, MSW, and Ted Rynearson, MD

The Separation and Loss Services team (from left), Laura Jeffs, Fanny Correa, MSW, and Ted Rynearson, MD

The Separation and Loss Services team provides a wide array of resources for the community including critical incident stress management; individual and group interventions for the bereaved; court support and advocacy. They also sponsor clinical training in the treatment of complicated grief and encourage the ongoing development and verification of innovative treatments.

Leading the program is psychiatrist Ted Rynearson, MD, an expert on coping with grief after violent death. Clinicians from around the country come to Seattle to learn more about Dr. Rynearson’s treatment model called “Restorative Retelling.” This model seeks to help survivors move beyond the mental reenactments of how their loved one died, to celebrating the memories and finding new meaning in their life.

The team includes Dr. Rynearson; Fanny Correa, therapist; and Laura Jeffs, crime victim advocate. They use a multi‐disciplinary approach collaborating with other community providers, criminal justice professionals, health care providers and faith‐based organizations to serve the needs of their clients.

Financial support for this program is provided by Virginia Mason, donations and a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. If you know someone who could use this help or if you would like to learn more about the program, call (206) 223‐6398.


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    What a great program Virginia Mason has developed for survivors of traumatic loss in the Seattle area. Safe Crossings is proud to be a part of such a caring community.

  2. Brooke George says:

    I could write a book about how wonderful this program is and these 3 individual truly are.

    “Restorative”… What a beautiful word.

    You guys are amazing

    Laura: You give the best hugs. The best. I so needed that human contact and I so got it racha DB every week. Thank you.

    Fanny: Your presence alone brings peace, light and love. Thank you for helping me through my panic attack that day.

    Dr. Rynearson: Your continued support and guidance is out of this world. Thank you for paving the road for me to possibly want become part of this world once again.

    I can’t say enough.

    Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

  3. Brooke George says:

    Typo: each and every week.

  4. The separation and loss services team, those who do not know this program should be visited from door to door for them to be identifiede be given recognition, it is important, especially the murder victim families and should not surpose to suffer a terrible pain.
    I am from SOUTH AFRICA, i am busy creating a street sheet to do my campaign. Murder here is continuing, culprits are not found some of the parents suffred sroke due to unsolved cased. I am one of them but mine was mental health, since i sterted studying this course autometically i found mysel helping other families in need. Love and peace.

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