Playing Golf: When Should You Get Your Child Started?

*** by Brad Perdue

When should you get your child playing golf? If you just watched the video, the answer is as early as possible. Is there anything cuter than a child swinging a golf club? My son got his first plastic set of clubs when he was 1, and now uses a kids’ set of real clubs at age 4. He enjoys walking to a field near our house and swinging the clubs, seeing the ball fly and especially hitting his driver off a tee.

I’m sure we could put together a list of 100 benefits to playing golf (feel free to add yours in the comments), but here are five good reasons why I encourage my son to get out and swing the clubs around?

  1. He and I get to spend time together hitting balls, talking and having fun.
  2. He gets exercise from walking and swinging his clubs.
  3. Hitting a golf ball helps improve his coordination (if you’ve ever swung and whiffed, you know what I’m talking about).
  4. He’s outdoors and not stuck inside watching television or just sitting around.
  5. Golf is a game that is both physically and mentally challenging (it’s fun to watch him take his swing seriously, even taking that deep breath before starting the motion).

The quote “Golf is a good walk spoiled” is attributed to Mark Twain. And I’ve heard that a lot in the many years I’ve been golfing. But I’ll never tell my son that. I think golf is a great way to spend quality time with a loved one!

I plan to take my son to the Boeing Classic this year. The pros tee off at TPC Snoqualmie Aug. 22-24. If you’ve never been, and like golf, check it out. And if you have a child, take them along too.

Brad Perdue is a web producer for eHealth at Virginia Mason.


  1. That kid is so cute!

    • Did you know the statistis are amazing how many full boat Golf Scholarships go unused. What an opportunity for any person..

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