I’m Not a Hip Preservation Patient, But I Play One on YouTube

When VM’s multimedia producer asked me to be in the hip preservation video, I was a little taken aback and wanted to make an appointment with Cosmetic Dermatology – clearly I was not aging well and needed help to combat whatever wrinkles made me a candidate to play an elderly woman with hip problems. You see, in my mind, hip preservation equated to grandma’s hip replacement.

So, I was relieved to learn that, while hip disease and degeneration are commonly associated with aging, many hip disorders begin earlier in life. Even young adults can have premature wear and tear with common variations in hip anatomy. Plus, active people and athletes are susceptible to degenerative hip disease and problems. With that in mind, I happily played the part of a young active adult with unlucky hip anatomy.

View the video below to find out how the hip preservation team works with patients to identify and treat early symptoms of hip diseases.

If you can’t view the video above, you may view it here or on the Hip Preservation Program website.

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