Child not into team sports? Check out these six kid-friendly alternatives for fun and exercise

Kids Yoga

**By Alison Koop** Not every kid is interested in team sports. But what do you do when telling your son or daughter to “go outside and get some exercise” doesn’t work? If you’re looking for something more inventive to coax your child away from … [Read more...]

Top Ten Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

young woman in a white sheet bed on white background

**By Oneil Bains, MD**  Almost everyone has experienced a bad night’s sleep – tossing and turning, being unable to fall asleep or even waking in the middle of the night. For some of us (approximately 40 million Americans according to the National … [Read more...]

Caring for People who are Transgender: What the Health Care Community (And All of Us) Need to Talk About


**By Una Lee, MD** “Enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being.” –World Health Organization. This quote supports the fundamental belief that every person deserves compassion and … [Read more...]

Good Medicine and Perseverance: A Winning Strategy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Playing competitive soccer for most of her 26 years, Dani Foxhoven knows something about pain. Bumps and bruises are routine; rolled ankles are hardly unique. In high school, Dani made a slide tackle to block a shot, the ball fracturing her femur … [Read more...]

Overactive Bladder? Try Mind Over Matter


**By Una Lee, MD** Are you someone who feels sudden, strong urges to urinate despite no easy access to a bathroom? Maybe you’re on an airplane and the “fasten seat belt” light is still on, or you are in a meeting and it would be disruptive to get … [Read more...]

Freedom from Joint Pain: Nik’s Story


When Nik Quesnell isn't playing golf or on a bike trip, he’s probably indoors “spinning” on a stationary bike or doing hot yoga. Nik, who is retired, has been active all his life. Today, thanks to bilateral hip replacement surgery, he’s enjoying his … [Read more...]

Staying a Lifelong Runner: Tony’s Story


"Always running." That's what Tony Williams, 50, is always doing and it's also the name of his company, Always Running, where he helps people safely reach their fitness goals. "We stress taking care of your body first," says Tony, and he often … [Read more...]

Are You Squinting through Summer? Maybe It’s Time for an Eye Exam


**By Thomas Saunders, OD** August is National Eye Exam Month, and may be the perfect time to consider a comprehensive vision examination. In many ways, the eye serves as a window to the rest of the body’s health, and routine eye examinations are an … [Read more...]

Gynecologic Surgery: Minimally Invasive Approach Now an Option for More Procedures


**By Jil Johnson, DO** As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I have an appreciation for health care needs unique to my patients. I love that medical advances over the last five to 10 years have allowed me to help many women with an array of treatment … [Read more...]

A Look at Macular Degeneration: The Leading Cause of Blindness


**By Connie Chen, MD** Although their fame was the result of individual talent, Stephen King, Georgia O’ Keefe and Bob Hope all share something in common – they all suffered from macular degeneration. Often referred to as age-related macular … [Read more...]