A Labor of Love: Creating Hats for Hope

Kailey and John Ryan, MD, a retired Virginia Mason surgeon and longtime family friend.

Kailey Druffel has visited Virginia Mason a number of times, but not as a patient. Her mother, Shelly, was a surgical technician at Virginia Mason when Kailey was young, before a long battle with breast cancer took Shelly’s life. Now her mom’s former … [Read more...]

Five Things You May Not Know About the Penis

**By Una Lee, MD** Since writing the post “Five Things Worth Knowing about the Vagina,”  I’ve been meaning to give equal time to the complex organ belonging to the other team: the penis. As a urologist, I’m committed to demystifying the parts … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Vaginal Prolapse. Don’t Worry, I’ll Start.

Amy gets ready backstage.

**By Una Lee, MD Recently I was lucky enough to have a patient who wanted to help other women, even if it meant talking about something many would find way too personal. Amy joined me on the show New Day Northwest to describe what it’s like when … [Read more...]

Having Both Knees Replaced at the Same Time Has Advantages

David Kieras, MD, FAAOS

**By David Kieras, MD, FAAOS If someone you know has severe arthritis in both knees that greatly reduces their quality of life, they may be a candidate for bilateral simultaneous knee replacement surgery, where both joints are simultaneously … [Read more...]

Overuse Injuries: Education and Pacing Are Keys to Prevention

William Callahan, MD

Summer in Seattle means more people – of all ages and fitness levels – are taking part in sports and other outdoor pursuits. Although just about any aerobic activity is good, too much of a good thing done too quickly may cause more harm, often in the … [Read more...]

Vigilance and Prompt Treatment Are Keys to Concussion Management

Rebecca Partridge

**By Rebecca Partridge, MD A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. While we often hear about head injuries in athletes, most concussions happen off the playing field — in car and bicycle accidents, fights and even minor … [Read more...]

Ann Hagensen, RN: Improving Medical Education in Central Africa

Ann spends time with the local children.

Landing in a small plane on a grass-covered runway in the middle of a jungle is the quiet part of Ann Hagensen’s journey to Africa. Because once the doors open, she and the traveling medical team are welcomed by throngs of locals from Karawa, a … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Breasts Healthy Now and in the Years to Come

Virginia Mason - University Village - Grand Opening

by Eva Khan, ARNP *** Lumps, bumps, pain and wanting a different size. What is the common source of these problems?  If you haven’t guessed, it’s a woman’s breasts. Breast issues can range from serious, like breast cancer, to cosmetic, … [Read more...]

Surviving Prostate Cancer: Bill’s Story


My name is Bill and I am a software engineer. In the fall of 2010, I was sitting on my father's front porch in Milwaukee when I got the call confirming I had prostate cancer, the same disease that had killed my grandfather and was about to end my … [Read more...]

Game Therapy Shows Promise for Treating “Lazy Eye” in Children

Hee-Jung Park, MD

A common cause of decreased vision in children is amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye.” Often confused with strabismus, or the misalignment of the eyes, amblyopia refers to vision reduction in one eye due to the brain favoring the other eye. Any … [Read more...]


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