Advanced Procedure Makes Heart Valve Replacement Possible for More Patients


When Bob Partridge’s cardiologist told him it was time to treat his faulty heart valve, Bob was very aware of the problem. He couldn’t walk the 14 steps from his basement to the kitchen without stopping to catch his breath or even make it across his … [Read more...]

Care Comes from the Heart at Bailey-Boushay House


Nurses at Bailey-Boushay House take on some of the most challenging patient care there is. But as you'll find in the stories that follow, they wouldn't want to do anything else. Sarah Mulogeta, RN Inpatient Program Sarah Mulogeta first heard of … [Read more...]

Getting a Mammogram: Why the Conflicting Recommendations?

Breast_Density_hires_NEW (003)

**By Peter R. Eby, MD, FSBI** The controversy over when to start screening mammograms and how often to get them in average risk women has been around since the early 1990s. The American College of Radiology (ACR), United States Preventive Services … [Read more...]

Hay Fever in Winter? Yes, But There’s Help

**By David Jeong, MD** Although many think of spring as the time of year when most people are bothered by allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, the condition can affect folks year round depending on what an individual is allergic to at any given … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding? Information and Support Are Keys for Success

Lauren Athay, MD

**By Lauren Athay, MD, FAAP** As a soon-to-be pediatrician, I went into motherhood knowing the benefits of breastfeeding and was dedicated to nursing my newborn son. Breastfeeding, after all, is a very natural process. Babies are born with a … [Read more...]

Eye Disease and Diabetes: Early Detection Helps Preserve Vision

Thomas Saunders, OD

**By Thomas Saunders, OD** As a doctor of optometry, I help care for the eye health of hundreds of Puget Sound-area residents each year. With more than 9 percent of Americans having been diagnosed with diabetes and millions more still undiagnosed, … [Read more...]

Remember These Simple Steps for Years of Healthy Skin

Catherine Pham, MD

**By Catherine Pham, MD** As a dermatologist, I often hear from patients that they don’t have time for intensive skin care. However, people should still take care of their skin by doing the basics over their lifetimes. Good skin care and … [Read more...]

Can How You Eat Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer? Mediterranean Diet Study Suggests Link


In September study results published in JAMA Internal Medicine got a lot of attention: the almost five year study showed women who followed a version of the Mediterranean diet significantly lowered their risk of developing breast cancer. The … [Read more...]

A Labor of Love: Creating Hats for Hope

Kailey and John Ryan, MD, a retired Virginia Mason surgeon and longtime family friend.

Kailey Druffel has visited Virginia Mason a number of times, but not as a patient. Her mother, Shelly, was a surgical technician at Virginia Mason when Kailey was young, before a long battle with breast cancer took Shelly’s life. Now her mom’s former … [Read more...]

Five Things You May Not Know About the Penis

**By Una Lee, MD** Since writing the post “Five Things Worth Knowing about the Vagina,”  I’ve been meaning to give equal time to the complex organ belonging to the other team: the penis. As a urologist, I’m committed to demystifying the parts … [Read more...]


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